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Mobilization and deployment is a fact of life for Reserve members.  Here are some steps to help with family readiness.
Address Emotional Concerns
  • Talk about deployment with your loved one.  Being honest about your feelings is the best way to deal with the anxiety.
  • Expect to go through a series of emotions: excitement, fear, confusion, anger.  These are all normal, but require an open discussion with each other.  But don't worry, happiness will come upon your reunion!
  • Strong feelings are normal.  Go easy on yourself and stay strong.  You'll be amazed at what you can do and how you can handle the separation.
  • Find a comfortable routine and stick with it.  A routine and ritual can help you get through even the hardest of days.
  • Plan ahead.  Plan how to handle problems (emotional and physical) - even if they don't come up.

Watch Your Budget

  • Visit your local military installation and see what activities you can get involved in.  Many offer recreational activities such as:  libraries and entertainment centers, discounted tickets to local attractions, gyms and physical fitness activities, recreation areas, pools, craft shops and clubs.
  • To help with budget planning, visit your local Exchange (military department and drug store).  They offer low prices and no sales tax.
  • Another way to reduce your budget is to purchase your groceries at the Commissary (military supermarket).  You can get savings of up to 20%-25% of your total bill.
  • Start your savings plan early!  Look for ways to save, take advantage of sales, research major purchases and comparison shop.
  • If finances become a struggle, don't be afraid to utilize local and government assistance such as: thrift stores, the Salvation Army, food pantries and WIC.
Take Care of Legal Matters

Keep all legal documents in a safe place!

  • WILL:  A will can usually be drawn up at a base legal office for service members and their spouse.  A will worksheet can be found on the "Forms & Checklists" page of this website.
  • POWER OF ATTORNEY: This is a legal document which allows you to assign a person to act on your behalf should you not be able to do yourself.
  • SERVICEMEMBER'S GROUP LIFE INSURANCE (SGLI):  Check with the servicemember regarding their beneficiary (or beneficiaries) for the SGLI.

Personal Property Protection and Maintenance

  • Make your home safe by ensuring you have good locks, secure windows, well lit entry ways and outdoor lights, trim foliage outside of windows for a clear view, post emergency numbers by all the phones in the house, and check your smoke detectors (change batteries every six months).
  • Make sure household appliances are in good working order.
  • Check electrical, water, heating and cooling systems and replace filters if necessary.
  • Make sure family members know how to deal with tripped breakers and fuses.
  • Know how to shut off main services to the house such as water and gas.
  • Keep a supply of necessary tools on hand.
  • Make sure your vehicle(s) are in good running order.  Perform routine maintenance and check all emergency equipment.

Be Prepared!

  • Keep a complete copy of the service member's orders.
  • Keep a copy of the command's complete and official mailing address, the service member's Social Security Number, and the Detachment Ombudsman's contact information on hand and readily available.
  • Verify DEERS enrollment in order to receive benefits such as Tricare.  Service members are listed automatically, but dependents must be added when they apply for an ID card.  Or call 1-800-538-9552 to confirm enrollment.
  • Every member of the family should have an ID card including:  spouse, children between the ages of 10 and 21 (under 21 must be unmarried), children under 10 if they are not living with the service member, unmarried children over 21 who are mentally or physically disabled, unmarried children between the ages of 21 and 23 (full time college students), parents or in-laws for whom the service member provides more than half of their income.  Need a military ID and don't know where to get one?  Go to the LINKS page and click on RAPIDS (Military ID) Site Locator to find a military facility in your area.
  • Make sure the service member checks all the pages of his/her service record to make sure the information is correct.  An incorrect address or phone number could delay quick response in an emergency.

"It's better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret."
Jackie Joyner Kersee

Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 23
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